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I’m slowly getting into sneakers. It started with a pair of Nike Roshe just over a year ago – which have sadly been shoved to one corner of my cupboard due to an unfortunate incident with red wine the first time I wore them.

I’ve recently added a bright and shiny pair of Stan Smiths to my collection-of-two – and, as it seems I tend to gravitate towards white sneakers, it seemed like fate when I discovered Sneaker Lab and their cleaning kits.

The process seemed simple enough – spray, brush, wipe, dry, protect and odorise. So, earlier this week I put the products to the test with a pair of Luke’s everyday sneakers, and my famously dirty Nike Roshe.

It was a quick process, and I was done with both pairs of sneakers in 15 minutes. After air drying overnight, it was a quick spray of the sneaker protector and deodoriser, and we were done.

I feel like there needs to be a special shout-out to their sneaker wipes – micro fibre towelettes, saturated with their magical cleaning formula, that are perfect for travelling and cleaning-on-the-go. I found they worked particularly well on the soles and rubber elements of the sneaker.

Considering it took barely 20 minutes, I’m pretty darn impressed with the results. I can wear my Roshes again after over a year. Considering the cost of sneakers, investing an extra few hundred Rand to make sure they stay clean and shiny makes total sense.

Keen to win a kit and sneaker wipes for yourself? Head on over to my Facebook page to enter.

Note: This post was sponsored by Sneaker Lab. All images and views are my own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this news about this awesome sneaker cleaning kits. Sneakers need constant maintenance especially white sneakers. If we don’t spot the clean the sneakers it may prove costly in the long term. I will definitely give the products of sneaker lab a try. Looking forward to your next post.

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