Brunch at Kahvé Road

Quickly becoming one of my go-to spots for a quick energy boost in Cavendish Square is Kahvé Road.

More sophisticated that you’d generally expect to find in a shopping centre, Kahvé Road offers premium coffee and a delicious menu of café-style favourites, together with a tempting display of pastries and sweet treats.

I’d visited Kahvé Road once before, for lunch, and was well-pleased, so when the option arose to visit for brunch, I knew it would be an immediate “yes”. Before we started on the rather extensive menu, first order of the day would always be coffee. Luke had a decent double espresso, while I went for their “red” latte, in honour of Valentine’s Day. After the waitress assured me that it was coffee, and not rooibos tea, I was happy to go ahead with almost anything containing caffeine – first cup of the day desperation.

It was a great cup, and set the tone for the brunch that followed – with both of us ordering refills to accompany our meal. Side note: If you’ve ever wondered why some coffee shops serve a small glass of sparkling water with your coffee, it’s meant to be had first, to cleanse your palate so you can better appreciate the flavour of the beans. I admit, I totally had to Google that the first time.

I’d planned a few errands at Cavendish Square for the same day, and the thought of rewarding myself with waffles afterwards seemed like the appropriate decision to make. Although, I’ll be honest – a few other items on the menu did catch my eye – particularly the pain perdu – croissant bread pudding with caramelised bananas, creme anglaise and butterscotch sauce, and the apple crumble brioche French toast. As you can tell, my dream breakfast is always along the sweeter side of things – I struggle to face eggs at the best of times, let alone in the morning.

Luke, however, is the complete opposite, and was immediately drawn to their croissant Benedict, which he had with smoked salmon (the café is Halal-certified, cured lamb strips were also an option). And, I’ll admit, I had a moment where I was tempted to steal a bite. Two perfectly poached eggs were nestled in the croissant, drizzled with Hollandaise, smoked salmon and roasted tomatoes on the side – as well as his choice of side. The menu is carefully thought out, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a dish that makes you go “ooooh“.

Luke managed to finish his meal, but one quarter of my chocolate chip waffle (served with tonka bean ice cream and roasted white chocoalte) went unfinished. With a large display of pastries and sweet treats, as well as the offer of a coffee pairing – it was a struggle to say “no”, but, perhaps the responsible choice. I’ll still be back for coffee and a sweet little takeaway.

Note: We enjoyed our meal as guests of Kahvé Road. All views and images are my own.

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