Casual coffee

This past Saturday morning was not one to laze in bed and enjoy a leisurely brunch. Nope. Things needed to get done and hair needed to be perfected. Before I stopped in at my hair magicians for a little touch up, we came across the opportunity to try the world’s strongest coffee. Just an average Saturday in Cape Town.

It was also the perfect day to don one of my new outfits from Mr Price.  I’ll be collaborating with them for a few posts, to show that plus-size fashion doesn’t have to come at larger-than-life prices. But, first, let’s start with coffee, shall we?

Made with a blend of Ugandan and Brazilian beans, Black Insomnia is a proudly Capetonian brand and contains 6% more caffeine than Death Wish coffee – previously said to be the world’s strongest. Lab results have found that this amounts to 57.5 mg per cup – the average cup of coffee from an international coffee shop chain can have as little as 20.6mg.

We ordered two cups from Shift Espresso Bar in Green Point – the current  “home” of Black Insomnia – and were surprised at how smooth it was. No excessive bitterness, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We bumped into founder, Sean Kristafor, while we were there, who said that he has two cups a day, but not after 16h00. We had ours at 09h30, and I slept fine that night, while Luke managed to get more than five hours’ sleep. Read into that what you will.

Now, for the clothes. I chose a pair of comfortable-looking joggers – you know the type, the ones with an elastic band that you just pull on and promise yourself you’ll only wear on weekends. Yes, the same pair I just wore to work on Monday. They are are comfortable as you’d imagine, with texture that allows you to get away with wearing them to the office. I’d never thought of myself as a bomber jacket fan, but before I knew it I had two in my cart – they grey below, and this pale pink version. Providing the perfect amount of warmth, and easy to layer, I’ve found they are a good alternative to cardigans in these in-between days.

All items are true to size: 14 = XL and 16 = XXL. The t-shirt is intentionally slouchy, but also silky soft and oh-so-comfortable.

Grey bomber jacket // Black joggers  // Black T-bar sandal // White V neck // Outfit total:  R459.69

Note: This post was done in collaboration with Mr Price. All views and images are my own.

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