Fool proof stick blender mayonnaise

We are doing the Whole30 for the month of January. Something we have been wanting to do for a while, but with events, birthdays and Christmas, it was almost impossible. We are almost half-way through and settling into a routine of what we like and love.

Thankfully, mayonnaise falls into both of those categories. As most of the store bought versions include sugar (a no-no on Whole30), we needed to make our own.

Yesterday was deemed ‘prepare for the week’ day, so there I was, ingredients and blender at the ready. After adding the oil drop-by-drop, the mayonnaise split. I tried to save it (by re-adding the mixture to a new egg yolk) – when it split again. By this stage, my arm had been dripping oil for over 30 minutes, and I was ready to revert back to the store-bought sugar laden tub. Then I remembered a stick blender version I saw.

As one last attempt, however skeptic, we tried it. The method seems ridiculous – add everything to a jar, and blend, but we didn’t have much to lose. I added ingredients, and the lovely man stood by with his trusty stick blender. Less than 15 seconds later, we had mayonnaise. Perfect, thick and creamy mayonnaise.

We both stood, mouths agape. I was both ridiculously impressed and angry at the same time – angry that I had wasted almost an hour dripping oil, when this method made mayonnaise in 15 seconds. No excuses. You can do this.

I have not adapted this recipe at all. It is perfection. Although, I would add a little roasted garlic and fresh herbs or even some dried chilli flakes to turn it into something even more special.


1 egg
250ml oil (not strong flavoured olive oil)
1 tsp mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice or white balsamic vinegar
salt to taste


Find a jar whose opening will fit the base of your stick blender – you don’t want a shallow bowl for this. Crack the egg into the jar, along with the vinegar, mustard and salt. Pour the oil over the egg and allow the egg to sink to the bottom again if it rises. Place your stick blender at the very bottom of the jar, and turn on. The ‘mayonnaise’ will form fairly instantly. Slowly pull your stick blender up towards the top of the jar until all the contents have emulsified. Add more salt / lemon / mustard to taste. There you have it. Could not be simpler.

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Fool proof stick blender mayonnaise