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One of the best things about coming out of a bout of sickness? The reintroduction of wine to my life. This beautiful bottle of Krone arrived and had been sitting patiently in a corner, waiting to be opened.

With the arrival of a few friends for dinner this past Wednesday, I knew the occasion had arrived for us to pop the cork, so to speak. Well-chilled, we poured generous classes and clinked away.

Located at Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate in Tulbagh, Krone is known for producing benchmark Méthode Cap Classiques from the classic Champagne varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. With this illustrious reputation, I had high expectations – and The Phoenix Prestige Cuvée exceeded them.

The Phoenix is a collection of the best of three vintages – 2004, 2005 and 2006, produced in unique bottles imported from France. On blending vintages, the Krone team comments:

A multi-vintage wine or Cap Classique is a purposeful blending of cuvées from different years to achieve a superior house style. The maturation for a minimum of ten years on the lees further enhances the complexity and creaminess of the wine.

While I don’t have the professional lingo, I can say that I found The Phoenix to be exceptionally well-balanced. In a group of four, very different, wine drinkers, we each liked it for different reasons: comments of “not-too-sweet“, “great aftertaste”, “fine mousse” and more – it might be a fine MCC, but it’s also a people please among those who love wine.

Undeniably elegant and complex, this is a special occasion wine. According to the experts, “the nose offers the scent of yellow blossoms, ripe peach and classic biscuity notes and the palate shows fresh apple and lemon cream flavours.”

The Phoenix is undoubtedly the gem of the Krone collection, which also includes the Krone Borealis Vintage Cuvée Brut, the Krone Rose Vintage Cuvée Brut and the Krone Night Nectar Demi Sec.

Presented in an elegant black, matte box, The Phoenix makes for the perfect hostess gift or present for a wine aficionado.

Retail price: The Phoenix is available nationally at fine wine retailers at roughly R280 per bottle.

Note: I received a bottle of The Phoenix to review. All images and views are my own.

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