Blonde: it’s an addiction

I’ve been visiting Spoilt Hair & Nails for almost two years now – and trust no one else to touch my hair. I adore the team there, and feel they’ve perfected the balance of giving me what I want, without damaging my hair in the process.

For the past few months, I’ve been actively wanting to go blonder. And, while Olaplex is the stuff of wonders, it is still a process, and one that requires patience. It’s taken a year for me to achieve my current blonde glory- a snapshot below:

The most recent challenge – among others, given the severity of the first photograph below – was to take my colour from quite a golden blonde, to a paler, more ash blonde. We’ve been doing a combination of highlights and ombre, along with a base colour on my roots, over the past few months. The most recent visit was pretty much more of the same, but a little more bleach and a little more toner. The end result? I’m in love. The pale, slightly ashen blonde feels like a burst of sunshine when I see a tendril escape from my scarf or from under a hat.

And yes, the photographs below are also to show you what the poor team at Spoilt has to deal with. It’s no small feat to take me from puffy frizz ball to beach waves (without losing my hair in the process). You’ll now also understand why I try to stifle a giggle anytime someone compliments me on my hair – I always secretly think “oh, if only you knew…”

So, if you’re keen on going blonde – I’d say, go for it – with the caveat that you find a professional to help you through the process. Yes, you will likely be able to go from jet black to platinum in a day, but even with the most sophisticated of products, your hair is going to suffer.

If you’re keen on trying Spoilt, I see Theo, and he’s an absolute gem.

My hair is looked after by the team at Spoilt at no cost to me. All images and views are my own.

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Blonde: it’s an addiction