Shopping with the new Spree app

As I mentioned in this post, I’m a Spree girl. Give me a way to shop from my phone (which is mostly glued to my hand) and it’s a win-win – I get more pretty things, and they get more of…ahem…my money. So when they asked me to try it out and share my thoughts with you, I was only too happy to spend some time getting to know my new best friend.

First up, it’s pretty easy to use. Instinctive, with easy categories and filters – much like the website, but perhaps even simpler.

Once you’re in a category, items are shown in two columns, in an infinite list. Click an item to view it full size.  To see view more of the item, swipe right. Click the little arrow to the top left of the screen to go back. To go back to the first screen view, click on the S at the bottom left of the screen. All pretty simple. You select your size once you’re ready to add an item to your cart.

I spent a few minutes browsing, taking screen shots along the way, and found quite a few items I’d happily put in my cart. Let’s start with accessories.

These feather ear rings are still on my lust list. Where would I wear them? Not entirely sure. But it’s almost December in Cape Town, I’m sure I’ll find an excuse. Even if it’s just at home while eating pizza on the couch.

As you might notice, I’m going through quite a white-top-phase. I always try and branch out into colour and print, but keep coming back to white. I think this white bow top (also available in pink and navy) is very cute. By a new brand I haven’t seen before – Girls on Film.

I love straight leg jeans – but it seems as though most retailers have decided to do away with them. Thankfully, Spree understands me and has a few options available – I particularly like the two below. Again, both from Edit. Also, the Isabel de Villiers coat I have had my eye on for months. I’ve just nabbed it, and it’s sold out. Sorry.

Keen to get shopping? Use the code APP25 and get 25% off your first app order – more information here. You can get the Android app here, and iPhone app here. And – their Festive Gifts store has just gone live. Happy shopping!

This post was sponsored by Spree. All views are my own.

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Shopping with the new Spree app