The Rasul at Radisson’s Amani Spa

It feels like the past few weeks have been filled with bumper-to-bumper deadlines.

So, days – and sometimes evenings – have been ticking over to the sound of manic typing, and, any break has been very welcomed. When the PR team behind the Radisson Blu Waterfront asked if we’d like to come in and try their new Rasul treatment, it was an immediate, oh-my-goodness “yes”.

Although we had stayed at the Radisson before – almost a year ago, to the day – we seemed to have completely missed the fact that they had a spa. With deadlines done for the day, we made our way to the Amani Spa a little earlier, to see what facilities we could use before our treatment, and beat the traffic coming into town.

And, let me say what a fantastic idea that was, as the spa has some of the loveliest facilities I’ve seen. Luke used the steam room, while I soaked away in the large vitality pool, pictured below. Heated, with jacuzzi-style bubbles and jets of water coming from the wall, it was heavenly.

We also had a peek at one of their treatment rooms – including a couple’s massage area, with a private bath – which already has me planning a return visit.

A popular treatment, we chose an early evening slot for the Rasul, so we could come home and jump straight into bed afterwards – oh, the glamorous life of being a writer, I tell you. If you’re not familiar with a Rasul treatment, it’s an ancient Arabic treatment that’s been brought into the 21st century. The Rasul room is a private hydro experience – so you (and your partner) have exclusive use during the treatment. Before you enter, you cover yourself with either a detoxifying or exfoliating mud, before relaxing and enjoying the steam-filled room – complete with a star-like ceiling. At the end of the treatment, gentle “rain” falls, washing the mud off your skin.

There is also a shower head in the Rasul room, to wash off any residual mud.

We left, clean, relaxed and sleepy – so, definitely “mission accomplished” in our mind. If you’re keen to pay them a visit, you can view the full treatment menu here.

We enjoyed our treatment as guests of the Radisson Hotel. All views and images are my own, excluding the image of the Rasul chamber, which was supplied.

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