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My idea of pampering is generally getting my hair and nails done. That’s pretty much it. As I no longer let anyone touch my face (an allergic reaction has left me paranoid beyond belief), I actually don’t often visit spas or beauty therapists.

So, when Januschka from Wellness with Attitude asked me to come in for a treatment, it was actually quite the treat – as it had been close on a year since my last massage.

The “wellness” part is quite self-explanatory, with the “attitude” coming from a retail gift space Januschka was involved with. Her new venture combines her love and experience in beauty therapy, with, well – pretty things. Candles, jewellery and decor elements are displayed, tempting anyone who walks in. I couldn’t walk away empty-handed.

There are two treatment areas – a more public area with tables for manicures and comfortable armchairs for pedicures, and a secluded, candle-lit room for all other treatments. Januschka admitted to being quite the candle fan, and I had absolutely no complaints. Snuggled between a soft towel and fleece blanket, with candlelight flickering against the walls, I was already well on my way to relaxation.

I opted for the classic back, neck and shoulder massage, with a little 15 minute foot massage added on – something I’ve never had before. Januschka warned that her standard pressure is quite…firm…so I requested a somewhat lighter touch. Even with this lighter touch, she managed to find stress points I didn’t know existed – my lower back, from spending my entire day sitting, to my shoulder blade, from carrying my life in a handbag. Surprisingly, my shoulders came off quite unscathed.

And, a note on pressure: If you’re the type of person who likes being pummelled and every knot worked out of you, or if you have a male partner who’s never quite happy with the strength of their therapist, then this is the place for you. While she controls it very well, there’s no denying that Januschka possesses some serious strength. Best you – and your aching muscles – take advantage of that.

Wellness with Attitude is the perfect spot for private pamper parties, intimate, but with enough space to accommodate 6 – 7 people comfortably. Think special occasion birthdays or bridal showers, where you can open up a few bottles of bubbly and freely chat and laugh while getting a massage or your nails done.

Note: I received my treatment at no cost. All images and views are my own.

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Wellness with Attitude