A visit to Lothian Vineyards

Part Bond villain lair, part Bali retreat, Lothian Vineyards was definitely one of the most surprising stops in our weekend in Elgin.

Down a private road off the N2, you wonder if you’ve gone too far, if you’ve missed it, and – just like that – you have to do a u-turn because you drove past the sign. Or, maybe, that was just us. Once you enter the gates, you drive past horses, dams and vineyards, before finding yourself in another world entirely.

Possibly the most untraditional estate home I’ve ever seen, you’re greeted by light, glass, colour and seemingly-endless bodies of water. Vibrant chandeliers hang from the ceiling, while indoor plants stretch to meet them. Once our mouths had stopped gaping, we got down to the job at hand – wine tasting. We were treated to a number of varietals and vintages, and, I can assure you that Lothian Vineyards does not suffer from a case of style over substance. Their wines were, without competition, the best we tasted all weekend – with the cases we loaded into our car afterwards testament to this.

I strongly recommend that you book a visit during your next visit to the valley, but I will share a few snippets on my favourites below.

The Isobel Rose is a serious rosé – dry, but easy-drinking and delicious – don’t expect hints of candy floss or strawberries. Equally at home when enjoyed with a lunch-to-impress, as it is chilled, after work.

The Chardonnay came home with me, and has been relegated to our “special” wine rack. While technically lightly wooded, it packed enough of a punch to make this wood-loving girl very happy – having spent 11 months in barrel. Smooth and well-balanced, with enough acidity to keep it fresh, I’m waiting for the right occasion to open the bottle.

The Pinot Noir sent Luke into instant sighs of pleasure, on a whiff alone. Described by the experts as having a “fragrant bouquet of red plums, raspberry and black cherry overlaid with integrated oak spice“, it’s another one that went to the special wine rack, for a worthy occasion.


It’s worth also noting that Lothian opens its grounds to the public during Elgin Open Gardens in late October – the perfect excuse to visit, yes?

Note: Our visit and wines were paid for in full. No review was requested or expected. All views and images are my own.

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A visit to Lothian Vineyards