Every body is a beach body

I have a summer bucket list of sorts – things that truly mark the season for me and that I try to do before the end of February. From outdoor movies to sunset concerts, cricket at Newlands to catching Jeremy Loops live, the list also includes spending a decent amount of time poolside, catching some sun.

“Catching some sun” has normally consisted of me trying to strategically cover up as much of my body as I could, while trying not to give myself ridiculous tanlines. Upper arms, thighs – or any region above my knees – were all out of bounds to the sun and public eye.

However, after spending a little time people-watching, I realised that absolutely no one cares. We’re all so wrapped up in our own bubble of insecurity and self-confidence woes, that paying attention to anyone else’s is more than we can generally manage. Also, that old cliche of confidence being attractive? 100% true. I see women tanning, running into the waves, playing with family – and the first thing I notice is their pure joy. Their happiness in that moment, hair blowing in the wind, smiles on faces – any lumps or bumps completely fade into the distance.

It seems as though I’m not alone in this – as SPREE’s beach body guide for summer 2016 is as simple as taking your body to the beach. We’re throwing out the idea that certain styles suit certain figures, or that you should only shop for what is considered “flattering” (Do I need to point out my cellulite dimples in the image above?This season, we’re challenging you to embrace your body. Do you really want to be worrying about stretch marks or a wider waistline than you’d like, when you could instead be deciding which cocktail to order next?

I chose a one piece, just because I find them more comfortable than their two-piece counterparts. You can find the red-hot beauty I’m wearing here – it comes with a detachable halter neck strap, with a beautiful ruched top section, which is padded with underwire. I’m wearing the 40. While SPREE has a dedicated plus-size swimwear section, it’s worth browsing the straight-sized selection as well, as many of them to up to an XL or size 16 / 40.

As “subtle” as not something I can ever be accused of being, I went with the brightest, boldest cover-up I could find (which, also serves as a great kimono-style top with jeans). Play mix-and-match and view the rest of the selection here.

Note: This post was sponsored by SPREE. All views and images are my own.

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Blanko at The Alphen Hotel
Every body is a beach body