Getting dressed for work

Ready to be surprised? I’m awake and out the front door on my way to work within 25 minutes every morning.

I’ve streamlined my morning routine to within an inch of its life – 15 minutes to brush my teeth, splash my face with some water and do my make up. Five minutes for hair. Five minutes to get dressed. Done.

Which is why, I suppose, I tend to lean towards dresses so much – as there’s really nothing simpler when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. However, this pretty polka dot skirt caught my eye, and I loved it so much, it’ll make the extra 30 seconds it’ll take me to get dressed in the morning absolutely worth it (get the top here).

Polka dot skirt // Scalloped top // Similar shoes

While we’re talking about morning routines and work, I suppose it’s also time to tell you that I started a new job very recently: yes, 2 January wasn’t only the start of a new year, but also a new job title for me – I’m a Digital Editor at a fantastic company, working on an exciting project that will be launched in a few months.

And, with that comes adapting to a new work environment – which, thankfully is pretty easy going when it comes to dress code. From heels to Havaianas, self-expression is encouraged, which just really gives me a greater opportunity to whip out my favourite dresses and skirts, if we’re being honest.

Get the polka dot skirt here (up to size 18) and the scalloped tee here (up to size 18)

I’ll be showing you a few ways of how to wear these two pieces – again, dressing them up and down – as I know having two separate wardrobes for “work” and “weekend” is generally not practical for both the space and cash we have available. I strongly believe in making every piece you own work for you in as many ways possible. Stay tuned!

Easy dressing with Poetry
Getting dressed for work