Easy dressing with Poetry

When you have a dress this beautiful, you really don’t need much else.

You don’t need a long blog post to tell you about how the fit is just perfect, how it twirls and floats around your ankles or the many, many ways you can wear it. Yet, here we are – a dress sonnet, of sorts.


I saw this dress online and immediately gasped. A spectacular colour with 3/4 length sleeves and a fantastic almost-maxi length, it was all my dress dreams come true. A day or two later I was in-store, dress in hand – and after a quick twirl in the change room – it was dress-in-bag as I happily took it home with me. And, while it’s an undoubtedly gorgeous dress, it’s not one that has to lurk in the depths of your closest, waiting for an opportunity to be released – I wore it here to lunch with pumps and a jacket – you can wear it to work with sandals and a blazer, to a wedding with heels, on the weekend with sneakers and a leather jacket (my new favourite casual combination, as seen here, with another Poetry dress, ironically).

And, I suppose that’s the reason I love dresses so much – and am often quite happy to splurge on one – as they’re just so darn versatile. As I’ve mentioned before, I have one wardrobe, not separate into “work” and “weekend” pieces – so everything I own needs to work for all occasions. And this dress definitely ticks all the boxes I could ever hope for. Be warned, you’re going to be seeing it a lot more often.

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Easy dressing with Poetry