INOAR’s new Flowers range

As part of my ongoing hair journey, I vowed to be more of a grown up and start giving my hair the respect and care it deserves. Having recently discovered INOAR through their Keratin treatment at Spoilt Hair & Nails, I was keen to try out the latest addition to their range.

While the beautiful bottles could be reason alone to up your haircare routine this spring, the range has more going for it than pretty packaging. Suitable for all types of hair, the range is packed with antioxidants and helps your scalp produce, healthy, hydrated hair – without weighing it down. The scent is quite strong – but, happy and sweet, so not something I mind in the least.

As with their Keratin treatment, INAOR’s at home range is also cruelty-free, which is quite a big plus (verging on a necessity for me). So, as the Japanese cherry blossom celebrates the arrival of Spring, INOAR asked us to do the same. I firmly believe in Spring equalling flowers – so whether it’s flower crowns or floral print, sign me up. Also, I adore the temperate Spring weather – not quite blistering summer, but still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, which is exactly what we did yesterday, heading to the pool for some sunshine.

If you plan on swimming with treated hair this summer, here are a few tips to ensure your hair stays in top condition:
  • Swimming in the sea or chlorinated water? Tuck your hair into a hat to protect it and keep it dry.
  • If you can’t face the thought of not getting your hair wet, then coat it with a keratin-infused conditioner before swimming and rinse once you’re done.
  • Otherwise, simply wet your hair with fresh water before swimming. Hair that is already waterlogged won’t be able to absorb water from the pool or ocean.
A bit about sulphates

As has been the case ever since I got my Keratin treatment in July, I immediately checked the ingredients of the shampoo for the dirty S word: sulphates. When I noticed them on the shampoo bottle, I panicked a little and immediately sent INOAR an email saying that I sadly wouldn’t be able to review the products. It was then I learned that not all sulphates are made equal, so to speak.

The new Flowers range – and all INOAR products are free from Sodium Chloride Sulphate, i.e the salt that removes any keratin treatment and colour from your hair. The other sulphates, namely Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are fine to use on treated hair. While shampoos with sulphates can be harsher on hair as they can remove the natural oils in the lathering process, they are still safe if you have had a keratin treatment of any kind.  Still worried? Here’s a good article to read.

You can view and buy the Flowers range here. The shampoo and conditioner both have a RRP of R245 for 250ml. You can also follow them on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

I received these products at no cost for review purposes.

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INOAR’s new Flowers range