Secret Sunrise: The Immersion

Or, how letting go of preconceived ideas can lead to a truly wonderful morning.

I’d signed up for Secret Sunrise‘s newsletters, in a moment of “I’m-totally-the-kind-of-person-who-will-wake-up-at-6am-on-a-Saturday” delusion. I’d open them when they popped into my mailbox, and spend a few seconds convincing myself I’m that person…before reality and my love of a warm, cosy late morning would take over.

Rinse, repeat…for months. Until, recently, the loveliest friend popped me a WhatsApp while I was in Paris, with a URL and a “let me know if you want to go, I’ll get us tickets”. Was it travel-induced sleep deprivation that made me say yes? Very likely. But, tickets were bought, we were committed, the 6am wake-up call loomed.

And, while I joke about the early start being my biggest hurdle, I also wondered if I was this person. Because I had this preconceived idea about who would be there. Cape Town cool kids. People in judgey-bikinis. Perfect bodies. And, how I would fit in – or rather, how I wouldn’t.

I then realised, this is a bit of a recurring theme – deciding that certain things are just “not for me” – just because of how I perceive them. It happened with pilates. Crossfit. Ceremony. Flip, even running.

It was a phenomenal morning. Welcoming, inclusive, celebratory – no judgement, only joy. How sad that it took me this long to see through my own bias, and experience it for myself? I mean, watch this for a glimpse into the experience.

It was a morning that really drove home a deep lesson, and one that I’m quite determined to more actively embrace: It’s more than simply saying “yes”, it’s giving experiences a chance. Especially the ones you feel are not “for you“. You never know what might be waiting on the other side of that decision. You could find joy.

We paid for our experience in full. This post was not expected or asked for, and is not sponsored in any way.

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Secret Sunrise: The Immersion