Skinny Tan and Tone Oil – before and after

We went a little sun-crazy in Zanzibar earlier this year, which subsequently made me a little paranoid about every little mark I found on my skin. And, that’s before we even get to the ageing effects of sun exposure.

So, let’s just say I was ready for a solution that would see me spending less time in the sun.

The team at Skinny Tan sent over a few products for me to try – and, as a complete self-tan newbie, I was hesitant, to put it mildly. I tried the Tan and Tone oil on a weekend when I knew I had no firm plans, so if the worst-case scenario of me turning into the Oros man happened, I could at least hide while I exfoliated my skin off for 48 hours.

But, with absolutely no prior skills and very little self-tan talent to my name – I managed to go from haven’t-seen-the-sun-since-February to just-returned-from-a-tropical-holiday in 8 hours. No sun damage, no orange, no streakiness. Yes, I am a 33-year old woman who has just discovered the miracle of self tan.

Before, on the left, and after, on the right:

I’ve only used the Tan and Tone oil – because, why mess with a miracle product? But, also received the Gradual Tanner that I’ll try a little later on in the season.

How do you apply Skinny Tan and Tone Oil?

Apply to clean, dry skin – so, I used a body brush to thoroughly exfoliate before my shower, had a shower, and then dried myself off. I applied a gentle moisturiser to any dry or sensitive bits that could absorb more tanner than you’d like – ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

I then sprayed the oil into my hands, and rubbed into my skin – rinsing my hands thoroughly after applying. You can use a tanning mitt, but had no problems just using my hands.

Then, get dressed, wait 8 hours – and, you’ll have your tan. Simple as that.

Apart from the great results, I also love that Skinny Tan is vegan, cruelty-free – and, the entire range is safe to apply to your face, which is a big bonus for me. Not only because I have chronically sensitive skin, but it means you don’t have to buy a separate product go get your face to “match” your neck and chest.

Once applied, I wash gently in the shower – and not my usual exfoliating style – moisturise regularly, and find the tan lasts for a good three or so days before starting to fade.

Note: I received these products for review purposes. All images and views are my own.


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Skinny Tan and Tone Oil – before and after