The perfect festive pantomime – Three Blind Mice at Gate69

Having missed one of their famous adult pantomimes – Macbeth (the regret lives on) – I know that no matter how busy I am, I need to find time for an evening of joy and laughter – and, if that isn’t a bit of a life lesson, especially as we enter peak end of year madness, then I don’t know what is.

I’ve waxed somewhat lyrical about the phenomenal experience that is Gate69 many times before – having first entered our grey-in-comparison lives in 2016, and continued to bring us hours of pure, purple-hued joy ever since. And, their latest offering – Three Blind Mice – is no different.

Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run…

Sharing the real story behind that classic rhyme, we learn that these mice don’t really run – they’re in heels, of course – and, that the fiesty farmer’s wife cut of more than their tails. I’ll just leave that here for you to mull over.

The beloved trio of Holly, Molly and Cathy take centre stage as the misbehaving rodents, but are also joined by three other members of the Gate69 team Tessa Denton, Kyle Jardine and Luke Jansen, who add a dash of extra colour to this raunchy tale.

And, to be honest, the storyline almost always comes second to the experience that is Gate69. Yes, the gorgeous trio will be on stage. Yes, there will be song and laughter. But, the experience is about so much more than whatever show happens to be on rotation.

It’s about walking into the carefully-curated Purple Palace that Brendan has poured his heart into, and knowing that the moment you step foot onto the red carpet that you are welcome. It’s not just dinner and a show (although, it does that very well) – it’s a space that celebrates acceptance, joy and a little much-needed silliness, for those both on – and off-stage.

The details

The Three Blind Mice (PG18) has been extended until 1 February 2020, with performances from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 8pm and recommended arrival time at 6:30pm to meet Cathy Specific on the red carpet. Seats cost R520 to R599pp which includes the show ticket and a tasty gourmet tapas offering.

The Three Blind Mice is written and directed by Gate69’s Christopher Dudgeon (Macbeth, The Three Little Pigs, NON-Specific) who also stars in the production as Holly alongside Brendan van Rhyn (Cathy Specific), Rudi Jansen (Molly), Tessa Denton, Kyle Jardine and Luke Jansen.

Musical direction is by Melissa van der Spuy, choreography by Marc Goldberg, costumes by Organic Canvas and Tessa Denton who also designed the exceptional headpieces and wigs, bespoke eyewear by The Oculus, and lighting and sound design by Eastern Acoustics.

Book here or by calling 021 035 1627. 

We enjoyed our evening as guests of Gate69. Images supplied. All views my own.

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The perfect festive pantomime – Three Blind Mice at Gate69