Winter glam

Winter is not really my season. Yes, I have a coat I quite like and a few pairs of tights to see my through until September, but I just find the selection of clothes to generally be quite dull and dreary.

So, when a winter style package arrived from in the same week as this dress from Ruff Tung, I felt like the weather gods were trying to teach me a lesson, or at least sway me to their cause.

Velvet bomber | Ruff Tung dress | Faux fur collar (similar)

The Talia dress from Ruff Tung is quite out of my comfort zone, as it’s more…form-fitting…than I’m used to. The first time I tried it on, I was tugging and shuffling, trying to get comfortable in the mirror. I quickly got tired of that, decided that it’s meant to show off my curves, accepted and moved on. If only it was always that easy, right?

With a midi, diagonal hemline it’s my perfect length – and, made more winter-appropriate by the addition of thick tights. Not pictured here are the sleeves, which come up to the mid-forearm, so jacket not always require, so to speak.

And, while we’re on the topic of jackets, this velvet bomber has proven to be quite the winter wardrobe asset. Not something I would have immediately picked out for myself, the dark grey (verging on petrol blue) is a surprisingly versatile colour, and the texture brings a little glam to an otherwise casual style. And yes, to glam it up even further, I might have added a separate faux fur collar to the mix.

Note: These items were provided for review purposes. All images and views are my own.

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