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I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that I’m turning 30 in a few weeks, or the phase of the moon or any other celestial event, but it feels like the last few months have served as a personal turning point of sorts.

After eight years in the work force, I finally feel like I know what I want to do with my life – what my end game is – and have started actively working towards achieving this. All still a little under wraps at the moment, but exciting plans are underway.

Then, I also feel like I’m starting to find a personal style I quite like. I recently stumbled across the beautiful Hayet Rida, who has served as fantastic inspiration. You might not know, but until very recently, I never wore pants. I’ve always been a skirts-and-dresses kinda girl, and had to force myself to try any form of pants and jeans. While I’ve now found the pair of jeans, and have a pair of navy pants (I’m quite ambivalent about) that I only wear to work, I’ve decided to stop fighting it and embrace my love of skirts and dresses. So much so, that I’m now making a concerted effort to add even more to my wardrobe.

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Dress in navy | Dress in black | Similar shoes | Necklace

Not only do dresses allow you to get dressed in approximately 0.5 seconds in the morning – in the simple act of sweeping a swath of fabric over your head – they also possess the magic power of making you feel not only dressed, but well-put together. While predominantly thought of as summer-wear, the addition of tights and a cardigan or jacket has helped me wear my favourites throughout the year.

So, when Zando asked me to do a lookbook post for Autumn / Winter, I stayed away from pants, jackets and cosy knitwear, and chose to embrace what I’d like to wear in winter instead. This dress was my first purchase from BiBi Rouge – I’m thrilled to be able to support another South African designer (who, might I add, are producing some amazing dresses at the moment – Amanda Laird Cherry and Leigh Schubert in particular). Accessorized with a statement necklace from ALDO and nude heels, you’re dressed in less time than it takes to boil the kettle for your morning cup of coffee.

Another note on this dress  – often when dresses are described as “midi”, they simply mean “might fall somewhere on or below the knee” – and, as someone who is still learning to love their knees, this frustrates me no end. But, this is a true midi dress, falling elegantly mid-calf. I’m a little in love.

On the actual shopping experience, I love that simply hovering over an item allows you to see what sizes are actually in stock – and what discount you’re getting. As an obsessed online shopper, there are few things more frustrating than falling in love with an item, only to find out that it’s not available in your size.

Also, public wishlists. Perfect for not-so-subtle-gifting-ideas, I adore the concept of a public wishlist. I’ve made one here, where you can shop the entire look I’m wearing.


View Zando’s collection of dresses – straight size here and plus size here. Shop this look here.

Note: This post is sponsored by Zando. All images and opinions are my own.

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A dress for every season