Does Exuviance’s Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish live up to the hype?

Isn’t it amazing what a looming birthday can do?

With 33 heading my way in a few days, I’ve started adding more active skincare products into my routine and becoming braver, little-by-little, with my choices – because, yes, I’m ageing -but, still suffer from consistently reactive and sensitive skin.

After trying in-salon microdermabrasion, I was keen to try this much-hyped at-home version: Exuviance’s Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish.

First, a patch test

As has become my routine, I first did a patch test on my upper arm, waited 24 hours to check for a reaction, and then felt safe enough to apply it to my face. I followed the instructions – applied it to wet skin, massaged for 30 seconds, and then left it on for a minute (instructions say to leave it on for between 1 and 2 minutes).

My experience

Given that I have pretty sensitive skin, I was half-prepared for the worst – but, had absolutely no negative effects – no redness, tingling or anything of the sort. Once I’d rinsed my face, I could immediately feel that my skin was strangely, almost otherworldly smooth and soft – and, that was only after a minute.

The second time I used it, I left it on for 1 minute and 30 seconds – and, finally, the next time – for the full, recommended 2 minutes, after gently massaging into your face for 30 seconds.

Do remember that it is an exfoliating treatment, so I suggest following it up with a moisturising mask or extra hydrating product.

Let’s talk about results, shall we?

This innocent silver tube promises “a smooth silkiness and glow” – and it absolutely delivers. There’s no tightness, redness or any signs of skin irritation afterwards, which I admit I was quite surprised by, considering it is packed with exfoliating acids and enzymes – only smoother, brighter skin.

I use it as a weekly skin treat, and always follow up with a hydrating mask – I still have some of my Clinique Moisture Surge mask left, so that’s the flavour of the month, so to speak.

In-salon microdermabrasion versus Exuviance’s Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish

In-salon microdermabrasion is almost always only a physical exfoliation, whereas Exuviance’s face polish offers both chemical and physical exfoliation, even though it is an at-home product.

But, bottom line – yes, I would recommend this above an in-salon product – both, because it offers two types of exfoliation in one, and also because it works out cheaper in the long run. It’s R995 for the tube, which at my current rate of use, will last me well over a year – compared to the R600 minimum per session for in-salon microdermabrasion.

Note: I received this product for review purposes. All views and images are my own.

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