Lace, leather + sneakers

Sometimes I wonder how I can make an entire outfit post stretch to 300 words.

I mean, all it effectively needs to say is “I found this thing, I love wearing it and you might too” right? And, jumping into it, I do think you might love this leather jacket and sneakers, but there’s more to it than that.

I feel like we’ve long-established my love of dresses – but, I’m still always looking for ways to change up my look a little – and, these two perfectly paired items just happened to land in my closet in the same time, and I just can’t get enough of the combination.

I’ve tried wearing sneakers with dresses a few times, always admiring the look on others, but never quite feeling cool enough to do it myself. I’m not sure whether it’s the edge that the jacket lends to this look, the slight platform of the sneaker – or the combination of the two – but, it’s a look I absolutely love, and one you’ll be seeing a lot more of on me (apologies in advance for the repetition).

And, while the jacket was a great find (as a plus-size girl, finding one that fits perfectly has been a year-long challenge), I feel the real game-changer here are the sneakers from Saint & Summer. A classic white, they’re incredibly versatile, but, it’s the slight platform sole that has won me over. Not only incredibly comfortable, the slight added height makes me feel like less of a slob and makes them ever-so-slightly dressier and perfect for pairing with a feminine dress.

I’m currently torn between wearing them every single day, and worshiping them quietly in my cupboard, so I can maintain their pristine whiteness. And yes, the thought of buying another pair did cross my mind, and it’s still an idea I’m absolutely entertaining. Because, what else are you meant to do when you find the perfect sneaker?

Sneakers and jacket were received at no cost. All views and images are my own.

Ready for summer?
Lace, leather + sneakers