Floral & frills

A friend was recently down from the US, and we spent a day together exploring my side of the world, which included a visit to a few wine estates in Constantia.

Excitedly referring to it as “wine country”, I realised how we perhaps take our winelands for granted as locals, popping in for a quick tasting in sneakers and jeans or to stock up on a few bottles for home.

So, when we received an invitation to visit Hartenberg for lunch, I wanted to make our visit to “wine country” a bit more special and dress up a little. I headed off to my local mall the previous day for a quick peek at what was on offer, and was thrilled to pick up this floral dress on the sale racks of Mr Price, for a happy R130. Paired with one of my favourite hats and a just-in-case-cardigan, my outfit was sorted in less than 30 minutes – a successful lunchtime shop.

While the price and print of this dress immediately sold it to me, wearing it bare, without my shoulders covered, is quite a thing for me. My arms have always bugged me – with their chubby, lumpy flesh – but, I’ve recently discovered that I can really only worry about so many body parts at a time. Between thighs, butt, knees, and double chin – not to mention ever-expansing waistline – I just can’t any more. It’s a pretty dress, and I wore it. The world didn’t end because it saw my bare arms, so I’ll take that as a win.


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Floral & frills