#MBFWCT17 Ready-to-wear faves

Let’s do this again, shall we?

The rescheduled Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town took place at the Salt River Film Studios, two weeks after the planned event. While there were obvious hiccoughs, it was my first ever fashion week – and, I’m undeniably smitten. I feel like I’m just starting to get into fashion and feel like a complete newbie, but goodness me – I loved every second of my fashion week experience. I’ve divided my favourites into various categories, so here we have my ready-to-wear favourites – which I interpreted quite literally, in that I would like to steal the garment off the model and wear it home, please.

Mille Collines

First, Mille Collines, whose name provided to be tricky for even the most seasoned fashion follower. Let’s just say I’m glad I can type it here and not have to pronounce it for you. A Rwandan label that was conceptualised in Spain, it “celebrates the African woman” – and, I raise both hands to this. There were two stand-out pieces for me – the teal dress below, and the entire outfit below, top left. I’d like it all, please. Scroll down for the full description of their AW17 collection.

Also, a short note on photography. My camera is pretty much glued to my hand, but goodness – runway photography just proved to be too much for me. Moving models, flowing garments, unpredictable lighting. I’ve included one or two of my own, but have learned that fashion photography is best left to the pros.

Inspired by the Swahili culture of the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, namely Lamu, Mombasa and Zanzibar, the AW17 Collection draws inspiration from the ancient fabrics of yesteryear, paired with the intricate carved detailing in the walls, as well as the cities’ architecture and whimsical woven finishes of mats and baskets to show the strength of a woman.The season’s silhouettes are flowing, fluid and easy to wear, paired with fabric head pieces, influenced by the Muslim culture prevalent in the coastal areas. The opening passage features MAXI straw hats by Crystal Birch followed by more sophisticated felt creations later on in the showcase.

Leigh Schubert

Next, Leigh Schubert. Leigh’s designs will always be special to me, as she was one of the first local designers I ever bought – this dress – which is still one of my favourites years later. Having been rescheduled twice due to weather conditions, it was also one of the collections I was most excited to see.

The inspiration behind this Collection is superheroes, and in particular females, who are generally heroic in the various roles that they play. From Clark Kent to Superman, the contrasts are clear in the Collection, with vintage meeting futuristic. This is the first time Leigh is showcasing in a number of years, and is excited to present her vision on the platform, in a collaboration with Mimco.

I was lucky to meet Leigh and chat to her before and after the show, and warned her that the green cape jacket (top left) might disappear backstage. My favourite singular piece from the collection, I also loved the many dresses she showcased – perfect easy wearing for autumn, the length and sleeves means getting dressed in the morning is as easy as slipping it on over your head. A look I’m very much for.

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Note: Supplied images are marked with the AFI logo, all other images are my own. I received media tickets to MBFWCT17. All views and thoughts are my own.

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#MBFWCT17 Ready-to-wear faves