Inoar G.Hair Before & After at Sorbet Dry Bar

This year, I decided I’m going to start being a grown up again and look after my hair.

I’d been neglecting it for three years or so, not having it cut and just box dyeing my roots as and when the greys demanded it. It wasn’t an intentional decision, just some combination of lazy and busy that I want to work on remedying this year.

As you might already know, I battle with curly, frizzy hair – and last had a keratin treatment close on three years ago (read about it here). My hair might look good most days, but it’s an absolute struggle for me to get it there, and all it takes is a little mist for it to poof into a giant frizz ball. So, it was time for me to book another.

I won’t lie – cost was a big factor here – as I’ve paid upwards of R2 000 for this treatment before, and having just returned from holiday, I was keen to fork out as little as possible. After a little research, I found a Sorbet Dry Bar in Sea Point that offered a range of Keratin Smoothing Treatments at very reasonable prices. After a little email back-and-forth, asking about the process and what products they use (because, I’m still fussy) I booked my appointment.

Situated at the top of The Point Mall, the space itself is beautiful, light and airy, with the mountain behind you and a lifetime of good hair ahead. While they do specialise in hair treatments and styling, they also offer eyebrow threading and nail services, if you’re after an all-in-one pick me up.

While their treatment menu mentions Keratin Smoothing Treatments, there are 5 in total – depending on your hair and the result you want to achieve. I went with the G.Hair, the strongest, that promises up to 90% reduction in frizz and volume, and as I’d had it before, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.

I’ll go into more detail on each stage of the treatment below – but, want to mention how thrilled I am that they offer Inoar products, a range I’ve loved and written about for years (here, here and here) – as they’re incredibly effective, cruelty-free and sulphate-free. They really tick all the boxes, and then some.

Now, onto the treatment itself.

Step one

Hair is washed with an Inoar clarifying shampoo and rough dried until completely dry.

Step two

The active Inoar G.Hair volume-reducing treatment is applied to dry hair, section by section, with each hair being thoroughly coated. This is then left on for 20 minutes.

Step three

After 20 minutes, hair is rough dried with a hair dryer, before being divided into sections and flat-ironed, between 7 and 10 times per section.

Step four

The active treatment is rinsed, and moisturising treatment applied. Hair is then dried and styled normally, and you’re ready to go.

It took three hours from start to finished, and I was fuelled by tea and Oreos (although, I saw MCC doing the rounds and regretted my choice slightly) and left with perfect hair – thanks to the wonders of modern science and straight up magic – I think the photographs above speak for themselves.

The treatments costs between R1 000 to R1 400 depending on the length of your hair, and lasts for approximately three months if you use the correct sulphate-free home care products, although I’ve always found mine has lasted longer.

A note about doing this treatment and hair colour – it can strip or alter your hair colour slightly – I found it lightened my “natural” brown – so if you do have colour you are quite fussy about, I’d recommend doing the keratin treatment first, and then your colour two weeks later. You might also experience fumes to varying degrees during this treatment, which I encourage you to chat to your hairdresser about before you begin. I was giving a mask to put over my nose and mouth, but didn’t find it absolutely necessary.

Note: I received a discount on my treatment in exchange for a mention on Instagram stories. This blog post was not requested, all images and views are my own.

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Inoar G.Hair Before & After at Sorbet Dry Bar